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Note: This article is currently being re-written due to new research. Please check back later for the new article. For urgent specific information, email me: Brenton Wight

Everyone has cancer.
It matters not how young or healthy we are, we all have anything from a few hundred to many thousands of cancer cells in our bodies at all times.
Fortunately they are destroyed by our immune system as fast as they are created.
Around half of us will die from cancer because all we need is our immune system to be compromised, and it can no longer destroy cancers faster than they can be created and grow.
This is why PREVENTION is so much better than trying to CURE cancer.
Best forms of prevention are Vitamin D3, a healthy alkaline diet including 80% plant-based organic food, intermittent calorie restriction, and elimination of sugar, trans fats, chemicals and toxins from the diet.


Vitamin D3 5000 IU – 1 daily as a maintenance dose.
For newly diagnosed cancer patients, with no previous D3, take 6 capsules the first day, 4 the second day, 3 the third day, 2 for the next week, then 2 daily until recovery is complete, then 1 daily forever.
As a preventive measure, Vitamin D3 in the range 5000 to 8000 IU daily can prevent over 80% of all cancers.
Regular blood tests are advised if 10,000 IU or more is taken daily for an extended period (months) as D3 can be toxic in high doses (typically 40,000 IU) for extended periods.
The Doctor and the Laboratory usually say the recommended range is 60 to 160 nmol/L, but this is misleading, as 60 is classed as the minimum to prevent rickets (a bone disease).
The OPTIMAL range for health and prevention of cancer is 125 to 175, and probably 90% of the population would be below 125, with only 10% getting enough through sunlight exposure, and almost impossible to get from the diet without supplements.
For treatment of those already with cancer, aim for a D3 range of 175 to 250 nmol/L and include 25,000 IU daily of Vitamin A.
Around 98% of all cancer patients have sub-optimal Vitamin D3 (less than 125 nmol/L).
Australia's "Slip - Slop - Slap" campaign has been a dismal failure.
Now running for 30 years, there have been reductions in the usually harmless Basal Cell and Squamous cell carcinomas (common skin cancers), but deadly Melanoma cancers have INCREASED, no doubt due to the alarming deficiency in Vitamin D3 due to decreased sun exposure.
Melanomas are now more frequently found on the soles of the feet and other places where sunlight exposure is negligible.
For adequate absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A and D3, they should be taken with a small amount of healthy fat and green leafy vegetables and/or a vitamin K2 supplement (preferably K2 Mark 7) which improves calcium absorption and helps place calcium in the bones instead of leaving it in the bloodstream where it can add to blockage problems.
Anyone with Celiac disease, Inflammatory bowel disease, Cystic fibrosis, Kidney problems or on Statin medications will be unable to absorb or produce vitamin D from sunlight, so supplementation is essential.
For more info on Vitamin D3, see our fact sheet: Vitamin D3

Vitamin A 25000 IU is also important for the immune system.
Also toxic in high doses, but when taken together with Vitamin D3, the doses of both A and D3 can be DOUBLED before any sign of toxicity.
This really indicates that any toxic effects of either are more related to an imbalance or insufficiency of one or the other.
One capsule daily of our 25000 IU vitamin A is recommended for everyone, no more.
More can be taken in conjunction with vitamin D3, but any extra is unlikely to provide any more benefit.

Beta-Carotene 25000 IU 250 softgels 1 softgel daily.
Beta-Carotene is converted in the body to Vitamin A, but has some other cancer-fighting properties as well, and is preferred over Vitamin A.
See Beta-Carotene also under the FOODS section.

Selenium 200 mcg – 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed this dose as Selenium can be toxic in higher doses.
If also taking a multivitamin or other product with selenium, do not exceed 250 mcg from all sources per day.
Selenium is a mineral in the soil which is essential for the immune system, but not found in high concentrations in Australian soils, and extremely low in soils where intensive farming has depleted supplies.
Some foods are high in selenium, notably Brazil Nuts, and two Brazil nuts chewed daily is a good deterrent for cancer.
LeanMachine prefers the supplements, as Brazil Nuts are high in Omega-6 fatty acids and calories. Modern diets are way too high in Omega-6, and although we need Omega-6, the correct ratio for Omega-3 to Omega-6 is 1:2, modern diets are typically 1:50, so extra Omega-3 is required, not Omega-6.

Turmeric 454 g packet – 1 teaspoons daily for prevention, up to 10 for treatment.
Turmeric is the orange coloured root used in curry, and has been proven to shrink cancer tumours, and helps prevent Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.
Unfortunately not well absorbed in the body, so a healthy oil such as avocado or Coconut Oil 1.6 kg should be taken with most supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc.
Coconut oil is great to consume with any supplement or food to improve the absorption rate. A salad, for example, taken with a teaspoon of coconut oil, will increase vitamin and nutrient absorption by over 35%.
Coconut oil also helps prevent Alzheimer's (because it feeds and nourishes the brain when glucose cannot get in), and obesity, because of the MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are burnt as fuel by the liver and not stored as body fat.

Curcumin 665 mg, 120 vegetable capsules is the active ingredient in Turmeric.
For many people, 1 Curcumin capsule twice daily for cancer prevention, or 4 daily for treatment is more effective and better tolerated than teaspoons of Turmeric.
Also supports colon health, cardiovascular health, neurological health and joints.

Zinc 30mg 100 capsules – once daily.
Zinc is paramount for the immune system and for production of over 55,000 individual enzymes the body needs every day.
Especially important to prevent prostate cancer as approximately half the zinc in the male body is in the prostate.
In the female, much of the zinc is in the ovaries, and excess estrogen tends to accumulate copper, resulting in expulsion of zinc and higher risk of cancer, especially ovarian and breast cancer.
Men and women should strive to keep excess body fat down, as fat produces more estrogen, and the estrogen-related cancers (breast, ovaries and prostate) are more common in overweight people.

Lycopene – 2 softgels daily.
Lycopene is the red colour in Watermelon and Tomatoes, and is a powerful anti-cancer food, especially beneficial for prevention more so than treatment.
Lycopene helps most with estrogen-related cancers such as breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.

Vitamin C 5000 to 9000 mg daily, 1 kg tub– spread throughout the day as this is water-soluble and will flush from the system very fast.
Most animals can make vitamin C in the body, but humans, guinea pigs and 3 or 4 other animals cannot – it must come from the diet or supplements.
A powerful antioxidant, but the body cannot take enough orally (generally up to 9000mg daily) for some cancers, because of stomach upset.
It may be best administered intravenously at a typical dose of 50,000 mg to treat cancers.
Some studies prove benefits, others do not, but certainly will not do any harm, and is inexpensive.
LeanMachine also uses Vitamin C to treat tap water which has in most parts of Australia been contaminated with Chlorine and Fluoride.
Chlorine is often viewed directly responsible for colon, thyroid and pancreatic cancers.
Even though Chlorine is essential for the health of the body, the industrial chemical used in water treatment is detrimental to our health and especially the thyroid.
Fluoride is toxic to the brain and the thyroid, affecting metabolism of the entire body.
LeanMachine always relies on rainwater, filtered to 1 micron, then run through a charcoal filter to remove other chemical contaminants, then through a UV (Ultra-Violet) system to destroy pathogens, then through a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system at the kitchen sink for all drinking and cooking needs.
Even after all of this treatment, we add 1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin C per litre of treated water. In periods of low rainfall we double this dose if we have to use some tap water.
The Oncologist may say that Vitamin C should not be used in conjunction with chemotherapy, but studies show that Vitamin C improves recovery from chemo and survival rates significantly.

MSM (Methylsulfonyl Methane) – 1 teaspoon daily as a maintenance dose, 6 to 12 teaspoons daily for treating cancer.
Dose should be increased gradually over a period of days to allow the body to get used to higher doses.
MSM exists in nature in many common foods, so is impossible to overdose. Contains sulphur, an important nutritional requirement and helps reduce inflammation in the body.
Some people may be allergic to sulphur but even these people can usually take MSM with no problems.
NEVER take this with Aspirin or any other blood-thinning medication without medical supervision. If Warfarin (or Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Uniwarfin, etc) is being taken, dose may have to be reduced if MSM is also being taken.

Acidophilus 175 mg 150 capsules – 1 capsule daily.
Acidophilus is a probiotic which will encourage healthy bacteria in the gut, the second line of defence in the immune system (first is in the mouth).
The gut is responsible for 80% of our immune system health.
Essential for anyone with a weakened immune system, and especially those who have had a course of antibiotics which destroy beneficial intestinal flora, which can take 2 years to re-establish without supplemental assistance.
Fermented foods such as sauerkraut also aid in re-establishment of healthy bacteria.

Chlorella 1000mg. 1 or 2 tablets once per week for prevention, nutrition and to bind with unhealthy metals so they can be excreted from the body.
Avoid taking for long periods and do not take mineral supplements at the same time, as Chlorella may also remove essential minerals from the body.
Take on an empty stomach 2 hours apart from food or any mineral supplements.
Also take 5 before any major surgery or chemotherapy.
May assist in recovery from chemotherapy but seek advice from the Oncologist.

Potassium Citrate 99mg 180 capsules – 1 capsule with each meal
Improves electrolytes and reduces acidity in the body.
Cancer thrives in an acid environment, so 80% or more of the diet should be only alkaline-forming foods.
Typical plant foods are alkaline-forming in the body, typical animal products are acid-forming.
Animal foods need not be eliminated, but should be a small part of the diet.

DIM (diindolylmethane) 100 mg 120 tablets – 1 or 2 tablets daily.
And no, it's not a spelling mistake. DIM is a natural food found in all cruciferous vegetables (from the Brassicae family – cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc).
One DIM tablet is equivalent to eating approx 1kg of broccoli and helps defeat cancer-causing estrogens (especially for breast and prostate cancers).

Calcium D-Glucarate 500 mg 90 vcaps – 1 or 2 tablets taken 1 to 3 times daily with food.
Aids elimination of excess estrogen metabolites from the body.
Cancer-causing 16-alpha-hydroxy estrones are fat-soluble, so are stored in the body, and are known to be cancer-causing.
The liver, with the help of Calcium D-Glucarate, converts these bad estrogens to the good, cancer-preventing 2-hydroxy estrones which are water soluble.
Any excess is then easily excreted out of the body in urine, along with many toxins which would normally be recycled by the liver over and over again.
Proven non-toxic as a supplement even in very large doses, as it is a natural food product, found in the body and in fruits and vegetables such as apples, cherries, grapefruit, apricots, broccoli, brussels sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, but only in small amounts.
Recommended for anyone with a genetic susceptibility for cancer, those wanting to shed body fat, women with unstable hormones, men with too much estrogen and/or "man-boobs", most people over 40 years of age, body builders, athletes.
Calcium D-Glucarate is recommended by the AMC Cancer Research Center.

Green Tea Extract 500 mg 120 tablets – also Oolong tea, Matcha tea, Rooibos (Red Bush) tea, White tea, Black tea.
All contain catechins, especially EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) proven to reduce cancers, especially of the rectum, colon and pancreas.

Wheatgrass 453 gram powder
Add a teaspoon of dried powder or (freshly grown and harvested wheatgrass) to a health shake for added nutrition, all essential amino acids, and added immunity from cancer.
Contains Chlorophyll, which is identical to the large haemoglobin molecule in blood, except that the central atom of haemoglobin is iron (giving the red colour), where in chlorophyll it is magnesium (giving the green colour).
Best known for purifying the blood.

Chlorophyll is one of the active ingredients in wheatgrass. Reasons for helping defeat cancer are unknown, but many cancer survivors swear by it.

Quercetin and Bromelain 180 capsules
Quercetin inhibits free radical formation (which cause cancer) and improves circulation, while Bromelain (from pineapples) enhances absorption of Quercetin, improves circulation and reduces pain and inflammation.


Brazil Nuts - A rich form of selenium, a trace mineral that convinces cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis) and helps cells repair their damaged DNA. 1. Harvard study of more than 1,000 men with prostate cancer:
Those with the highest selenium blood levels were 48% less likely to develop advanced disease over 13 years than men with the lowest levels.
2. Cornell University and University of Arizona 5-year study:
200 micrograms of selenium daily (the amount in 2 Brazil nuts) resulted in 63% less prostate tumors, 58% less colorectal cancers, 46% less lung malignancies, and 39% less cancer deaths.

Turmeric – see above – listed under supplements.

Lemons – minimum one lemon daily.
Lemons are reported by some to have 10,000 times the healing power of chemotherapy drugs!
This exaggerated claim has no scientific justification, but research has proven that citrus pectin (in the skin) and citrus flavonoids and especially limonoids, targeted and stopped neuroblastoma cells in the laboratory.
D-limonene is probably the most important ingredient, found in the peels of lemons, also other citrus fruits like oranges, limes and grapefruit.
D-limonene is a common flavour enhancer in many foods, and often used to improve absorption of some supplements such as CoQ10 and ubiquinol.
D-limonene can also help as a digestive aid. Several studies show that d-limonene may prevent or slow some cancers, or enhance effectiveness of cancer treatments, but research is not always convincing.
It could simply be that d-limonene and other ingredients in lemons encourage healthy bacteria in the gut, which is vital for a healthy immune system, and a good defence against all cancers.
Benefits include preventing cancer cells from starting, stopping cancer cells from growing, and actually killing cancer cells.
The juice of one lemon in a glass of water first thing in the morning is fine as a maintenance dose for general health, but for cancer patients, the WHOLE LEMON must be used, as components in the skin and pulp have powerful anti-cancer properties.
Easiest way is to drop one in the blender with some whey or pea protein, pure water, fresh leafy greens, wheatgrass, etc for a healthy, nutritious meal.
Lemons are alkaline-forming in the body, which helps to reduce acid levels.

Mushrooms – Shiitake, Enoke, Oyster, Maitake
All mushrooms have proven anti-cancer properties, but the varieties above appear to be best.
Ordinary button mushrooms have not been proven to fight cancer, but studies have been limited, and they certainly have been proven to boost immunity and health, and won't harm anyone, so are a worthwhile addition to the diet, especially for vegans, as mushrooms are the only vegetable source of significant B-group vitamins.

Allium Family – garlic, onion, chives, leeks and shallots
All contain ajoene which helps kill cancer cells.
Also helps hair regrowth after chemotherapy, as well as Alopecia, an auto-immune disease causing hair loss.

Peanuts, almonds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds
These nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E and other nutrients which all help to fight cancer.

Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, loganberries
All berries contain an antioxidant called pterostilbene known to fight cancers.
Strawberries are sprayed heavily with chemicals, so buy organic if possible.

Beta-Carotene Foods such as leafy greens, and most red or orange coloured vegetables - sweet potatoes, red onions, carrots, etc. contain Beta-Carotene, which is converted in the body to Vitamin A.
See also Beta-Carotene under supplements.

Fish – preferably cold-water fish (salmon) with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3.
Avoid fish from the Northern Hemisphere as mercury pollution is profound.
Avoid factory-farmed fish which are fed grains instead of their natural diet, severely depleting healthy nutrients.

Eggs – preferably organic free-range, and avoid grain-fed eggs.
Boiled or poached is best, as frying causes heat damage to the egg.
Some studies claim that egg consumption increases cancer risk, but LeanMachine believes that the studies used over-heated eggs.
Anything over cooked at over 120 defrees celcius is detrimental, and anything fried in cancer-causing trans fats such as Canola Oil is even worse.

Walnuts have healthy fats, and most other nuts have essential fatty acids, but should never be roasted or salted.

Full of ellagic acid, a powerful phytonutrient also found in berries and nuts, and helps fight cancers.

Coconut oil
Shunned by nutritionists as a saturated fat, but coconut oil is the healthiest fat of all, and contains medium-chain triglycerides which are always burned as fuel by the body and never stored as fat.
When used for cooking, coconut oil has a very high smoke point and will not break down into unhealthy fats at those high temperatures.
Also helps prevent Alzheimer's by feeding the brain when glucose cannot get in (hence Alzheimer's being nicknamed "Type 3 Diabetes").

Cooking Methods
The best way to cook is NOT to cook.
Salads are always best eaten raw. As soon as any food is heated to more than 52 degrees Celcius, about the temperature of hot water at the kitchen sink, ALL ENZYMES are DESTROYED.
Enzymes are important for 55,000 different functions in the body, and zinc is important in enzyme production and action.
Although the body can manufacture most of the enzymes it needs, this over-taxes the liver when raw materials (enzymes in food) are missing.
The human race survived well for nearly 2 million years without cooking. Certainly, cooking can increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, but so can healthy oils.
If we must cook, then Coconut oil is the only one recommended.
Legumes must always be cooked, and eggs should always be poached or boiled, as this is the best way to keep cooking temperature low..
Boiling, poaching, steaming, etc will cook food without destroying too much nutritional value.
As soon as food is heated over 120 degrees C, (frying, baking, grilling), AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) are formed and are responsible for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, etc.
Meat of any kind should never be barbecued if there is danger of the fat dripping down to burn in the flame, as this releases carcinogens (cancer-causing gases and chemicals) to be released.


Sugar FEEDS Cancer!
Stop the sugar and the cancer is starved.
The worst kind is fructose, found in fruit, especially ripe fruit.
In the USA, the most common form found in processed foods is HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).
HFCS is made from corn, and is directly responsible for the epidemic of obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease in the Land of the Free.
LeanMachine recommends no more than one piece of fruit daily, and for cancer patients, zero.
Table sugar is 50% fructose, and should not be on the table, in the pantry or anywhere else.
Raw sugar and brown sugar are claimed to be healthier, but forget them all.
Forget all processed food, which 99% of the time has sugar and chemicals added.
Alternatives to sugar are Erythritol, Xylitol, and Stevia, all natural sweeteners.
These do not spike insulin but do improve oral and intestinal hygiene by promoting healthy bacteria and destroying pathogenic bacteria.
Always read the label, as some natural sweeteners are mixed with sugar, dextrose or some other insulin-spiking or artificial sweetener.
When doctors scan the body for cancer, they give the patient a high-sugar drink containing a chemical that can be seen on the scan. Sure enough, the scan lights up like a Christmas Tree wherever there is cancer, because the sugar heads straight there. Cancer loves sugar, so starve it!

Artificial Sweeteners – Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet), Saccarin (SugarSweet, Sweet'NLow), Sucralose (Splenda), Neotame, Isomalt.
Artificial sweeteners are as bad or worse than sugar.
Aspartame changes into formaldehyde at around 35 degrees celcius, so unless you are running very cool, you are filling up on embalming fluid every time you drink a can of diet coke.
Also leaches potassium from the body, causing bone loss and heart irregularities.
This is what caused the death of a woman in New Zealand recently after drinking a few bottles of Diet Coke.

Dextrose, Agave, Molasses – all sugars, and all feed cancer.

Glutamine Glutamine is available as a sports supplement, but Glutamine and sugar both work to feed cancer. Foods containing Gluitamine include meat, seafood, milk, nuts, eggs, cabbage, protein powders, beans.

Trans Fats – Canola oil, margarine, all fast/junk foods, even olive oil when heated.
If you need butter, use low-salt natural butter with no additives, but NEVER margarine.
Olive oil (extra virgin, cold-pressed) is fine as a salad dressing, but coconut oil is best for cooking as it is not converted to trans fats at high temperatures.
Best foods are raw (e.g. salads) as all enzymes are lost if heated to over 52 degrees (about the temperature of hot water at the kitchen sink).
If cooking is required, light steaming is best. Anything cooked at over 120 degrees (C), such as baking or frying, then becomes less healthy and accelerates oxidation in the body.
Oxidation promotes damage to DNA, and damaged DNA leads to cancer, as our DNA is the blueprint for the body.
Like building a house, if the blueprint is out of whack, there will be lumps and bumps everywhere and the whole house may come crashing down.

Anything made with flour - bread, cakes, pastries, scones, pizza, etc.
All wheat grain-based products contain phytic acid which gradually destroys the lining of the small intestine, causing "leaky gut syndrome" where undigested food particles enter the bloodstream directly through the damaged gut wall.
Flour may also contain bromine, a dough conditioner which replaces iodine in the thyroid, causing ineffective thyroid hormones.
If bromine does not get there first, the thyroid is poisoned with chlorine or fluoride from tap water.
Worse, blood tests cannot tell the difference between non-functioning bromine, chlorine or fluorine thyroid hormone versus the good iodine thyroid hormone.
All wheat flour contains a component that spikes insulin faster than white table sugar, and the combination of high insulin and glucose causes inflammation, the breeding ground for cancer.
Alternatives to bread are Sprouted Grain bread (Lifestyle bakery, sold by Foodland), or at least Sourdough bread (some supermarkets and bakeries).
Bible reference for sprouted grain: Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 4, Verse 9. When the six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, complete protein is created closely resembling that found in milk and eggs, containing 18 amino acids (including all 9 essential amino acids).
But don't try making your own bread using the recipe in the bible. It may be good for us but it tastes terrible and if you throw it at someone you can crack their skull.
When grains are sprouted, the nasty components disappear and are replaced by far more nourishing components.

Fruit Juices
All fruit contains fructose, and fruit juice often contains added sugar as well.
When juice is drunk, it spends no time in the mouth, little time in the stomach and when it hits the small intestine, the fructose is absorbed rapidly, causing huge insulin spikes.
Compare this to eating a piece of fruit where saliva starts the pre-digestion process while chewing, then spending longer in the stomach to break down, and the extra fibre slows down assimilation in the intestine.

Mouldy food contains dangerous cancer-causing and liver-damaging mycotoxins, which can shut down many liver processes for several days.
The liver generally recovers, but in the meantime the immune system is clobbered.
Another reason not to drink fruit juice.
Tons of fruit are loaded into a vat before crushing to make the juice, and in say 10,000 oranges, there would have to be a couple of dozen mouldy ones, and that is all it takes to contaminate a ton of orange juice with mycotoxins.
Pick your own fruit, preferably organic, throw out any mouldy fruit (do not try to cut away affected areas).

Fizzy Drinks
All contain carbon dioxide – a waste product for the body – why burden the body with yet more waste products when the waste removal system is overloaded from the modern diet?
Without our waste removal system (the lymphatic system), humans die within 24 hours.
All fizzy drinks contain acid and sugar (or artificial sweeteners) which are the biggest cancer-creators. Coke is a Joke but I'm not laughing.

Although honey has some 82 beneficial components compared to sugar, and is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, it does contain fructose and should be consumed in moderation by healthy people, and not at all by cancer sufferers.


Amalgum fillings
Often called "silver fillings" but have much more mercury than silver.
Removing the fillings may cause more toxicity than leaving them in the mouth.
If there are a large number of fillings, of if mercury poisoning has occurred or if teeth-grinding is a problem, use a dentist experienced in this removal, where rubber dams and large air extraction fans are used, as the mercury vapour is much more toxic than the metal.
Mercury causes cancer, Alzheimer's, MS and many more diseases.

Root Canals This procedure should never be performed, as this effectively kills the tooth, and a dead tooth in the mouth breeds bacteria which can cause systemic inflammation in the body, leading to cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Root canal teeth should be extracted, and the remaining cavity sterilised.
If appearance is affected, zirconium implants are probably the best bet, although they are expensive.

Vitamin D fortified products
Often found in milk, orange juice, etc. This fortification is actually Vitamin D2, a synthetic or poor version of vitamin D, which not only is less effective than D3, it blocks absorption of the real D3, preventing adequate D3 levels.
The best way to attain good vitamin D3 levels is to get sunlight, but only from a clear blue sky in the middle of the day.
Read more in my Vitamin D3 article.

Toluene, polypropylene glycol and other chemical solvents used in industry and the home are proven to cause cancer and are also very toxic to the liver.
Milk Thistle can help repair solvent-induced liver damage.


There are literally thousands of alternatives to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (cut, burn, poison).

Some alternatives can be used in conjunction with traditional cancer therapies, others cannot.

Some promising and successful alternatives appear to be:

Heat treatment
Cancers cannot survive above approx 42 degrees celcius.
Heat chambers can be used to elevate the body temperature, but care must be used, as elevated body core temperatures can cause seizures and other problems.
Far Infra-Red saunas are often used by cancer patients as far infrared heat travels deep into body tissues.
The head should be kept cooler if possible to protect the brain.
This treatment is used extensively and successfully in Germany and Mexico.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone and Oxygen Therapy
Animal studies show oxygen therapy to work, however official studies on humans are inconclusive, although many alternative practitioners claim that hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapies do work.
Hydrogen peroxide and ozone have been used for decades to kill bacteria and clean wounds, but their effect on cancer cells in humans remain unclear.

Hydrogen peroxide treatment:
Never use stronger than 3.5% solution, but do not buy this at the supermarket as these solutions contain other components which will damage the body.
Only Food Grade (35%) should be used, and diluted to 3.5% by diluting 10:1 with distilled water.
Do not use tap water as the hydrogen peroxide will react with the chlorine.
Always use gloves and eye protection, as Food Grade can burn on contact with skin.
Start treatment by using 1 drop in a glass of water three times daily, building up by 1 drop every day until 20 drops are reached.
At this point, the doses may be tapered off, by dosing only every alternate day for a week, then every third day for 2 weeks, then every fourth day for 3 weeks, then as a maintenance dose, 5 to 15 drops per week, depending on how the patient feels.

HZ (Hydrazine Sulfate)
Appears successful, although this is a toxic, synthetic drug and not yet adopted by mainstream practitioners.
(What about chemo? Isn't that a toxic, synthetic drug?)

Scientists dispute the fact that one can imagine cancer cells being destroyed, but many cancer survivors have used this technique with success, also those suffering from other diseases and obesity.
The technique appears to be a form of self-hypnosis. Ask LeanMachine for more information.

Budwig Diet
Flaxseed oil, milk, fruits, vegetables, and fibre. Perhaps useful for preventing rather than treating cancer.

Mistletoe Extract
Improves quality of life for sufferers, but no proof of destroying cancers.

This treatment may not cure cancer, but usually reduces nausea and other symptoms brought on by chemotherapy.

Also yoga, tai-chi, massage, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, music, relaxation, prayer.
All can assist in the mind-body connection and improve quality of life.

Has a profound effect on survival rates and quality of life.
Helps burn up cancer-causing sugars, and strengthens muscles which may otherwise start wasting.

We need around 11.5 hours of deep sleep, preferably in total darkness, to fully rebuild the immune system for the next day.
All light should be eliminated from the bedroom. Even light from an alarm clock display can pass through the eyelids and affect sleep patterns.

Traditional surgery, radiation, chemotherapy (cut, burn poison)

LeanMachine does not claim that these traditional methods do not work, however traditional methods are facing ever-increasing opposition from alternative practitioners who are not driven financially by the drug companies.
Many supplements and alternative practices can be combined with traditional methods, and some cannot.

Web sites of interest:


There are thousands of web sites and articles related to cancer, but you have to “read between the lines” to sort fact from fiction and downright lies.
Most web sites are designed to promote a particular product and some make outrageous, unproven claims.
LeanMachine does sell many of the products listed in this article, but everyone is free to choose their supplier if they feel that a product is right for them.
LeanMachine does not profit from sales of products as this is a non-profit organisation, existing only to help others transform their lives and take charge of their own health.

LeanMachine does hope that information contained in this document will enable each person to ask the right questions, to ascertain if the practitioner is honest and knowledgeable, and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of any particular treatment.
LeanMachine cannot be held responsible for any choices made based on any information in this document.
All of this information is available on the internet from a multitude of sources, and LeanMachine has always tried to sort out genuine helpful information from the often false or misguiding information designed to sell products.
LeanMachine has mentioned just a few foods, supplements and treatments here, but there are thousands more recommended by thousands of others.
It is up to the reader to carry out further research before blindly following any guidelines.


LeanMachine is not a doctor, and everyone should consult with their own health professional before taking any product to ensure there is no conflict with existing prescription medication.
LeanMachine has been studying nutrition and health since 2011 and has completed many relevant studies including:
Open2Study, Australia - Food, Nutrition and Your Health
RMIT University, Australia - Foundations of Psychology
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia - Chemistry - Building Blocks of the World
University of Washington, USA - Energy, Diet and Weight
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA - Health Issues for Aging Populations
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA - International Nutrition
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA - Methods in Biostatistics I
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA - Methods in Biostatistics II
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA - Principles of Human Nutrition
TUFTS University, USA - Nutrition and Medicine
TUFTS University, USA - Lipids/Cardiovascular Disease I and Lipids/Cardiovascular Disease II
Technical Learning College, USA - Western Herbology, Identification, Formulas
Bath University, England - Inside Cancer
WebMD Education - The Link Between Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation
Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands - Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis
LeanMachine has now read thousands of studies, journals and reports related to health and nutrition and this research is ongoing.

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