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Are vitamins helpful?
According to a report on Adelaide Channel 9, vitamins do nothing, are a waste of money, and some herbal supplements cause liver damage. As usual, Channel 9 neglected to get the real story, did not read the thousands of studies proving the benefits of vitamins, or allow the alternative health industry to respond. Just one example: Vitamin D3 at a healthy dose of 5000 IU (5 times the normal dose) can reduce risk of cancer between 50% and 90% and high-dose vitamin C can also help significantly. If a drug company developed a drug to perform as well, they would charge a fortune and want a Nobel Prize for inventing it!
LeanMachine has not had a cold or flu or even a headache since adopting a Paleo-style diet and a host of vitamin and mineral supplements in the year 2010 at age 63. Now at age 72, LeanMachine is healthier, stronger with more energy than at any time in his life, all allergies gone and never gets sick!
Back to Channel 9 and liver damage - they neglected to mention that most people on the liver transplant waiting list are there because of Paracetamol overdose, and many cancer patients suffer because of Paracetamol, causing destruction of natural L-Glutathione (the "Master Antioxidant"), our main defense mechanism against cancer and most other diseases. Obviously another fake story by Big Pharma to retain their profits and keep people sick, and shame on Channel 9 to be a part of this!
Almost every one of our 60 to 100 trillion body cells has Vitamin D3 receptors, and D3 is essential for mineral absorption, bone building, and disease prevention.
One year supply at 5x normal strength, only AU$17. Vitamin D3 article.

Truth about Fluoride: Thyroid, Bones and Brain

The South Australian Government is ILLEGALLY administering a toxic drug to around 2 million South Australians!
Without a prescription!
Not using a pharmaceutical grade ingredient, but a toxic waste by-product!
Overdosing our children by up to 100 times the "allowable limit!"
Damaging the brains of the population, especially babies, children even unborn babies!
Causing ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder), Alzheimer's Disease and a host of other neurological conditions!
Also a proven Endocrine Disruptor, damaging the Thyroid glands of everyone!
Without even examining side-effects!
Ignoring the science proving these toxic effects!

Fluoride in the USA

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the USA has claimed that water fluoridation is one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century.
Why then, has fluoridation been banned in nearly every other country on the planet?
Children are most at risk for fluoride overexposure, and the US government admitted in 2015 that the recommended fluoride level for the 50 years since 1962 was too high.
Not just a little too high, but nearly double. The HHS (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) lowered the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water from 1.2 mg/L (milligrams per liter) to 0.7 mg/L, a 40% drop.
Over 40% of American teens now have dental fluorosis from fluoride overexposure, a condition where teeth are chalky and subject to greater damage and decay. The HHS now say it will evaluate dental fluorosis rates among children in 10 years to assess if they were correct about the lower level protecting against dental fluorosis.
Well what they are really saying is:
"We do not know what the safe level of fluoride is, so we are going to use many millions of babies, children and adults as guinea pigs, without a single consent, in a trial of a drug we are forcing them to drink. This trial is unsupervised, there is no placebo, and all of the scientific evidence so far says we should eliminate fluoride from all sources, including drinking water."
Fluoride is not a nutrient. It is a drug, and the ONLY drug that is deliberately added directly into drinking water.
This method of drug delivery bypasses standard rules relating to informed consent, which is an absolutely unethical medical practice.
There is no way to keep track of the dosage. No one keeps track of side effects. Fluoridation is ILLEGAL!

Fluoride by Country

As at 2012, only 11 countries still have over half the population drinking fluoridated water:
  • United States - 64%
  • Australia - 80%
  • New Zealand - 62%
  • Irish Republic - 73%
  • Brunei - 95%
  • Chile - 70%
  • Guyana - 62%
  • Hong Kong - 100%
  • Israel - 70%
  • Malaysia - 75%
  • Singapore - 100%
About 5% of the world's population drink artificially fluoridated water.

In 1945, it was claimed that adding fluoride to drinking water was a safe and effective way to improve dental health. Since then, many people believed this, despite all the evidence to the contrary. How could Governments lie to us?

How Fluoride affects the Body and the Brain

This is especially important for parents with young children and pregnant women.
We must NEVER mix infant formula with fluoridated tap water. This can expose the infant to 100 times the proposed "safe" level for infants!
We must NEVER buy fluoridated toothpaste. See the toothpase section below.
If children suffer from ADD/ADHD, drinking fluoridated water can aggravate their condition.
People with hypothyroidism (underfunctioning thyroid) must NEVER consume fluoride.
Those with Alzheimer's, Parkinsons or other brain disease should NEVER consume fluoride.
In fact, fluoride is a toxin and should be eliminated from the diet, water, toothpaste, everywhere.

Fluoride is an Endocrine Disruptor

Fluoride is an endocrine disrupting chemical. Reduced thyroid function is associated with fluoride intakes. The thyroid is one of the master hormones, controlling many other hormones in the body. If one is disrupted, a chain of disruption occurs throughout the body.

Fluoride is a Neurotoxin

Fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin. It affects short-term and working memory, and lowers IQ in children.
Children with dental fluorosis score worse on cognitive and IQ tests than those without fluorosis. So those insisting that dental fluorosis is only a cosmetic issue have been proven wrong.
Fluoride is implicated as a factor in the rapidly rising rates of ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and thyroid disease, and may be responsible for the alarming increases in Alzheimer's Disease and other neurological conditions.

Does Fluoride reduce decay?

The CDC estimates fluoridation decreases decay by 25% at the most, but recent research suggests the real effect is near zero in permanent teeth.
True, fluoride can help rebuild tooth enamel which is constantly eroded by acid and sugars in food and drink. But if we adopt a healthy diet, such erosion does not take place, hence no need for fluoride. For those people wanting extra protection, they can use toothpaste containing fluoride, and fluoride treatments at the dentist.
One problem is that more than 99% of fluoride added to drinking water never touches a tooth. It is swallowed and starts the destructive path in the body, and then is urinated down the drain, contaminating and polluting ground water supplies and the environment.
Another problem is that many young children never drink water. They drink soda, cordial, sports drinks, milk, etc, all containing very unhealthy sugars or artificial substitures.

How much Fluoride is safe?

Fluoride was originally declared safe based on dosage, (like other poisons), but research says that the timing of exposure changes its effects.
Children fed infant formula mixed with fluoridated water receive very high doses, and can be damaged for life as a result of this early exposure.
Fluoride also crosses the placenta, causing exposure to the developing fetus, a dangerous situation for the health of the child.

Infants Are Severely Overdosed

The largest U.S. study on fluoride, funded by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and the CDC, measured the fluoride ingested by children, and concluded:
  • EVERY infant receiving infant formula mixed with fluoridated tap water ingested MORE than the "safe" fluoride dose
  • Some formula-fed infants received 100 times the "safe" level EVERY DAY
  • 30% of 1 year olds ingested MORE than the "safe" dose
  • 47% of 2 to 3 year olds ingested MORE than the "safe" dose

Other Research

Scientific research into fluoride has been based on pharmaceutical grade fluoride, but water authorities do not use pharmaceutical grade fluoride because of the expense. They toxic waste products, contaminated with a wide range of heavy metals and other toxins, so any research results cannot be compared.

Original studies showing benefits were carried out on 20 people, hardly a conclusive study, but proponents of fluoridation still refrer back to this 6 decades old study to prove they are correct!

97% of Western European countries do not fluoridate their water. Data collected by WHO (World Health Organization) show that non-fluoridating countries have seen the exact same reduction in dental cavities as the U.S.A, where a majority of water is still fluoridated. If fluoride were in fact the cause of this decline, non-fluoridating countries should not show the same trend.

A study by KK Cheng in 2007 showed that rates of cavities declined by similar amounts in countries with and without fluoridation.

A study in Taiwan showed an increase in bladder cancer in women drinking fluoridated water.

Ending Fluoridation Will Be the Greatest Public Health Achievement of the 21st Century.

How to reduce tooth decay

The best way to improve health of teeth and gums is:
  • Eat unprocessed, natural foods, organic and raw where possible
  • Treat all drinking or cooking water with Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Eliminate all sugar from the diet
  • Increase animal-based omega-3 fats such as fish oil or Krill Oil
  • Use Xylitol or Stevia to sweeten where required
  • Never use any artificial sweeteners
Dr. Francesco Branca, Director of WHO's Department of Nutrition for Health and Development said: "We have solid evidence that keeping intake of free sugars to less than 10 percent of total energy intake reduces the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay."

Every year in Australia, over 80,000 tonnes of poisonous chemicals are added to our drinking water.
The list includes sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, copper sulphate, hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium hypochlorite, aluminium sulphate, chlorine, ammonia and at least 50 extra compounds.
In Summer, when our water sources degrade as demand goes up and supply becomes limited, even more chemicals are added.
Chlorine is added to kill bacteria, but brings more problems when we drink it, as our bodies were never designed to drink chlorine.
Worse, we shower in it, absorbing chlorine straight through the skin into the bloodstream. At least when we drink it, much is lost through the digestive and excretion process.
Fluoride is another nasty chemical, banned in Europe and many other countries, but still poisoning most Australians and most Americans.

Fluoride and Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)

Hypothyroidism is the most widespread under-diagnosed disease in Western society today, mainly caused by four problems; Fluoride, Chlorine, Bromine, Soy and depleted Iodine.
Symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, fatigue, weakness, difficulty losing weight, coarse and/or dry hair, rough and/or dry pale skin, hair loss, cold intolerance, lower body temperature, muscle cramps, muscle aches, constipation, depression, irritability, memory loss, abnormal menstrual cycles, and decreased libido.
Because symptoms are so vague and different for each patient, diagnosis is difficult.
Because thyroid hormones run our entire endocrine system, we are in trouble without a correctly functioning thyroid.


Fluoroderma causes acne. This is because fluoride clogs the lymphatic system, causing toxins to push out through the skin.
More info to follow here later.

Fluoride, Iodine, Chlorine, and Bromine - the Halogen Group and Effects on the Thyroid

Those who remember the Periodic Chart of the Elements from High School should know that there is a Halogen Group which includes four elements that are structurally very similar: Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine. These are all in Group 7 of the table, and all have one thing in common: Their atomic structure has an outer shell of 7 electrons. This is important because a stable atom needs 8 electrons in the outer shell, so these atoms are always trying to "grab" an electron from some other nearby atom, making the Halogen group highly reactive.
It is because of this similarity at the atomic level that iodine receptors on the thyroid will grab any one of these to make thyroid hormone, T3 or T4.
T3 hormone has three atoms of iodine attached, and T4 has four atoms of iodine attached, and if we get a thyroid blood test, the lab can tell us how much T3 and T4 we have.
Unfortunately, the lab can NOT tell us if it is the real T3 or T4 with iodine, or the fake and useless T3 or T4 with Chlorine, Bromine or Fluorine.
So to diagnose thyroid problems, doctors should look at symptoms rather than the usual practice of ignoring the symptoms after the blood tests prove nothing.

Toxic Fluoride

Fluoride is proven more toxic than lead, but still deliberately added to our drinking water by our incompetent Government, even though banned throughout Europe and many other countries.
Fluoride has caused over 40% of adolescents aged 12-15 to be now afflicted with dental fluorosis, a problem where too much fluoride makes teeth chalky and weak, and skeletal fluorosis, having a similar effect on bones.
Fluoride was added to water supplies in my home town of Adelaide, Australia in 1971, with the aim of reducing the rate of tooth decay.
All other states are also using fluoridation, in the form of:
  • Sodium Fluoride (NaF)
  • Sodium Fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6)
  • Fluorosilicic Acid (H2SiF6)
  • Hydrofluosilicic Acid
  • Hexafluorosilicic acid
  • Ammonium hexafluorosilicate
Other names for the same or similar substances are silicofluoride, silicofluoric acid, oxonium hexafluorosilanediuide, oxonium hexafluoridosilicate(2−)

Fluoride for water supplies is sourced from:
  • A waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry
  • A waste product of the aluminium smelting industry
  • A waste product from the nuclear refining industry
In South Australia, it seems that most or all fluoride comes from the phosphate fertiliser industry. This is great for the industry, because in the past, they had a toxic by-product they could not get rid of. So toxic that no dump would accept it. Now they can sell it to the Government or Water Authority and turn a huge loss into a handsome profit!
But in every case, these waste profucts contain traces of arsenic, aluminium, mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, toxins, pollutants and other chemicals and poisons.
Concentration can be from around 1 part per million, but this varies slightly between states, and in South Australia someone added huge amounts extra by mistake.
I believe this was around 20 parts per million, and the Government claimed it would do no harm!
Such was the great outcry that if it happens again I doubt that the news would ever reach the media.
The Queensland government also overdosed thousands of people with 20 times the normal limit, then gave people far less than they were supposed to. All this with "state of the art" sophisticated and expensive equipment which "guaranteed" that these errors could never happen!
Governments responsible for this health disaster continually deny the facts reported by various studies, which clearly show that fluoride is responsible for hypothyroidism, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, lower IQ in children, Alzheimers disease (see my Alzheimer's article), a rare type of bone cancer in boys and young men, fluoride hypersensitivity and intolerance, birth defects, endocrine system disruption, reduced fertility and many other problems.
A very recent study finds it can have devastating effects in concentrations as low as 1 part per million, the same dose as drinking water.
A lifetime of drinking this poison is bad enough, but growing children are at an even higher risk, as studies also show that "fluoridated" children are dumber than their counterparts, dropping an average of over 10 points on the IQ scale.
I would prefer my children and grandchildren to grow up to be intelligent people rather than destined to be working in any "low-skilled" industry.

Fluoride in Toothpaste

toothbrush image Every major brand of toothpaste now contains fluoride.
Even though the fluoride is a purer form than that used in drinking water, it has greater negative health impacts because it is much more concentrated.
Health food stores and some supermarkets carry fluoride-free alternatives.
If we read the instructions with a tube of fluoridated toothpaste, the recommended dose is a squeezed length of around 5 to 6 mm, or about the same length as the diameter coming out of the tube.
However in all of the advertising, images of the product show it spread over the entire length of the toothbrush and often hanging over the end.
This gives the user around 5 times more than the recommended amount, raising fluoride consumption to toxic levels.
Worse, many small children swallow the toothpaste instead of spitting it, especially the flavoured variety designed to be attractive to children, loaded with sugar, chemicals, artificial flavourings and colourings, etc which all add to the decay and general health problems.
Many parents rarely supervise their children every time they brush to ensure that nothing is swallowed.

Processed Foods

Mechanically de-boned chicken and many other processed foods contain fluoride because of the large amounts of water used in processing.
Fresh fruit and vegetables can contain excess fluoride if irrigated and washed with fluoridated water.
Processed foods also often come loaded with sugar, MSG, sulphites, and many other dangerous additives in addition to the fluoride.

Fluoride in Food

Parts courtesy of the Fluoride Action Network

This section details how difficult it can be to remove toxic poisons from our food supply
ProFume® is the name of the Dow AgroSciences fumigant that was approved for use on food by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Pesticides Programs (EPA) in January 2004.
It contains 99.8 percent sulfuryl fluoride, which breaks down to the fluoride anion in the human body and is a highly toxic fumigant, first registered in 1959 for the control of termites.
It is now used as a structural fumigant to kill all living organisms, such as rodents, cockroaches, insects, bed bugs and fungi, and is used in homes, offices, libraries, trains, ships, etc.
In fact, it will kill almost anything. Its trade name is Vikane® and it's made exclusively by Dow Chemical.
It's bad enough as a pest control fumigant, but that's not the end of the story.
In June 2001, Dow AgroSciences (Dow) petitioned the EPA for an Experimental Use Permit to use sulfuryl fluoride as a first-time food fumigant on raisins and walnuts in California.
At the same time, Dow also requested an exemption from a fluoride tolerance for raisins.
A tolerance is the term used for the legal level of residue in and/or on a food commodity.
At this time, the U.S. was obligated, as a signatory to the Montreal Protocol, to phase out the most widely used food fumigant, methyl bromide (also made by Dow), because it is an ozone destroyer.
Dow was pushing sulfuryl fluoride as the alternative even though it is was later identified as a "potent" greenhouse gas.
In September 2001, the EPA responded to Dow and denied their request for a fluoride tolerance exemption for raisins and recommended a tolerance of 30 parts-per-million (ppm).
The EPA noted that drinking water and food were the primary routes of exposure to fluoride, omitting a major route for children: ingestion of toothpaste.
The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) submitted comments and warned the EPA that its review of exposure routes to fluoride were deficient, particularly for children, stating, "Children in North America are already being over-exposed to fluoride."
FAN also expressed concerns about the serious brain effects that were cited in Dow's animal experiments on sulfuryl fluoride.
The EPA also had to set tolerances for sulfuryl fluoride.
We actually know little of this highly toxic gas, except that it breaks down quickly to fluoride in the human body, and that its residue we are exposed to in food, albeit at seemingly low levels, is a toxic gas.
The EPA had to set two tolerances for sulfuryl fluoride use as a food fumigant: one for fluoride, and one for sulfuryl fluoride.
Consumer Advocate Groups Take on the EPA
In 2002, the EPA granted Dow's request to use sulfuryl fluoride as a food fumigant.
In response, FAN submitted formal objections.
The EPA responded two years later, in 2004, and said that FAN's objections were "moot" because Dow did not get permission from California to use the Experimental Use Permit.
But simultaneous with this response, the EPA granted Dow sweeping tolerances for several non-organic food commodities, and the following year they granted tolerances for all post-harvest, stored, and processed non-organic food.
In so doing, the EPA approved the highest fluoride levels for food in its history, and levels for a highly toxic gas on our food that, when inhaled, breaks down to fluoride in our body (EPA, 2004, 2005).
At every stage of Dow's requests and EPA approvals, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) submitted comments and formal Objections and Requests for Hearings.
Two excellent advocacy groups, the Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides, joined FAN in these submissions and collaborated on each new development.
Collectively these groups are known as the Objectors.
On two occasions, the EPA requested the Objectors to consolidate their several Objections. It is the final consolidation that best describes them.
The Objectors secured a pro-bono lawyer from the firm Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel, Mason & Gette.
Perry E. Wallace, a law professor at American University, became the Objectors attorney and performed brilliantly as their counsel.
Inaccurate Risk Assessments were the Basis for the Approval
There were many inaccuracies in the EPA's three Health Risk Assessments (2004, 2005, 2006), which were the basis for its approval of sulfuryl fluoride, and this was the focus of the Objections.
In brief:
All three health risk assessments were based solely on the safety of the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for fluoride in drinking water, which is 4 ppm.
The MCLG is a science-based determination of the level of a contaminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expected risk to health.
The EPA's Office of Water set the MCLG for fluoride in 1986.
In March 2006, the National Research Council of the National Academies (NRC) released a landmark report on the toxicity of fluoride and stated that the MCLG for fluoride in drinking water is not protective of human health.
Thus the basis for the safety of the EPA's approval of sulfuryl fluoride was thrown out the window.
Infants are at greatest risk, as the EPA's final health risk assessment allowed an infant ten times more exposure to sulfuryl fluoride than an adult.
The safe reference dose for infants was set at 1.14 mg/kg/day compared to the safe reference dose for adults of 0.114 mg/kg/day.
This was the first time in EPA's history that infants (and children) were deemed less sensitive to a contaminant than adults!
It was also a clear violation of the Food Quality Protection Act, which states that children need more protection than adults in the approval process for pesticides.
Risks of brain damage are ignored.
In ALL the animals tested (rat, mouse, rabbit, dog) in Dow's experiments for chronic and acute exposure to sulfuryl fluoride, the damage to their brains was unusually severe. Sulfuryl fluoride attacked the white matter of the brain and necrosis (cell death) and vacuolation (holes in the brain) were commonly observed.
And while the EPA stated that Dow would have to perform a Developmental Neurotoxicity Test with rats, they withdrew this mandate behind closed doors.
One of the reasons Dow gave for a waiver of this mandate was "Animal welfare concerns (1500 to 4000 animals)."
Rather disingenuous considering sulfuryl fluoride is targeted to kill rats!
Risks to bone health are ignored.
Dow performed all the animal tests and curiously only two observations were made on bone effects.
This is of some interest, as high levels of fluoride, as used in Dow's animal tests, are known to concentrate in and damage our bones.
First, Dow's scientists found no chromosomal effects on bone.
And the second observation, during Dow's two-year carcinogenicity test on rats, was atrophy (breaking down or wasting) in a variety of tissues, including bone.
And even though there was a 100 percent mortality rate in the 80-ppm group, (the last animal died between day 701-707, California EPA, 2005, page 42), the results were deemed acceptable!
Anyone who has followed this issue knows the most contentious unanswered question: Does fluoride cause osteosarcoma?
In 1990 the National Toxicology Program reported a dose-response curve in osteosarcomas among fluoride-treated male rats.
The failure to carefully look for sarcomas in the bone must be viewed as a significant oversight in Dow's study and with EPA's approval of it as a food fumigant.
Legal Levels of Fluoride in Food
In 2005, the EPA approved a legal residue level of 70 ppm for fluoride in all but a handful of processed non-organic foods.
They also approved a 900-ppm residue level of fluoride in dried eggs – and approximately one-third of all eggs used are dried!
After receiving comments from the Fluoride Action Network as to the absurdity of such a high level – equivalent to a pea-sized dab of toothpaste that we are told to spit out, NOT swallow – EPA withdrew this tolerance, but didn't state the fluoride residue it would permit.
Other high levels include 125 ppm for wheat flour and 130 ppm for wheat germ.
In a 2005 health risk assessment, the EPA calculated that sulfuryl fluoride would be the second-largest source for fluoride exposure after fluoridated drinking water.
The EPA now says that that our fluoride exposure to food fumigated with sulfuryl fluoride is minimal. But the one thing that didn't change is the legally permitted fluoride residue tolerances.
A letter to Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), published February 8, 2011, states that the fluoride residues from sulfuryl fluoride were negligible.
C&EN printed a response on May 2 from the director of the Fluoride Action Network, which noted:
"… EPA set a fluoride tolerance for wheat flour at 125 ppm. That is certainly not negligible as a simple calculation will show.
Three slices of bread (about 75 g wheat) made from wheat flour at 125 ppm fluoride would contain 9 mg of fluoride.
For a 25-kg child this would produce a dosage of 0.36 mg/kg, which exceeds the dosage that can cause acute toxicity."
The Russian roulette that consumers unknowingly play is this: not all stored and processed non-organic foods are fumigated and there is no way to know which foods are.
All the consumer knows is that it is legal for these foods to have very high levels of fluoride residues.
The end result is woe to the consumer who eats food fumigated with sulfuryl fluoride, as they may receive an acute exposure that will either give them a miserable stomachache, or, if lucky, they'll vomit.
It's estimated that for a healthy individual, 50 percent of fluoride consumed or inhaled is retained in the body, primarily in our bones.
With an estimated half-life for fluoride of 20 years in the body, vomiting is the very best option.
Cryolite is another food pesticide with a uniform fluoride tolerance of 7 ppm. Cryolite (Sodium Aluminum Fluoride) is an insecticide used in the growing of all berries (blueberry, strawberry, etc.), and most, if not all, fruits and vegetables, and is the main source for fluoride levels in fruit drinks, food and wine.
Cryolite breaks down into fluoride in the environment. Synthetic versions of Cryolite have been used in more recent years, but it appears to be just as damaging.
Victory! Ban on Sulfuryl Fluoride as Food Fumigant Granted
In 2010, the Objectors' attorney made several demands to the EPA to respond to the Objections, the Requests for a Hearing, and the Petition (Wallace, Apr. 2010, Aug. 2010, Nov. 2010).
Just days before the Objectors were to sue for a response, the EPA finally announced that they granted all of their Objections.
According to the EPA's General Counsel for the Office of Pesticides, it was the first time in its history that it had done so.
The EPA announced on January 10, 2011, that it was proposing a phase-out ban on the use of sulfuryl fluoride.
This was unprecedented and an enormous credit to the EPA's new administrator, Lisa Jackson, and to those in the Pesticides division who stood up for sound science and resisted the enormous lobbying effort by Dow.
Three days prior to this decision the Department of Health and Human Services used the fact that "41% of adolescents aged 12-15 now have dental fluorosis" as one of its reasons to propose a lowering of the fluoride level in fluoridation schemes.
It's a great start, but the fight is far from over.
Testing Food for Fluoride Content
The Fluoride Action Network wants to launch a project to test various foods (including dog food) for its fluoride content, and to post the levels in the foods tested online.
Unfortunately, so far they've been unable to find an EPA-approved laboratory in the U.S. to do the tests.
The head of one laboratory told FAN's pesticides director, "It's easier for us to test the fluoride levels in hazardous waste than to test for fluoride in corn flakes."
At this point in time, the public cannot independently verify the levels of fluoride in their non-organic and organic food.
And this is important, not just from the standpoint that a fluoride fumigant may have been used on a conventionally-grown food, but many organic processed foods, such as soups and beverages, are made using fluoridated water.
Australian Government Regulations
As at January 2011, the Australian Government acknowledged the phase-out of sulfuryl fluoride, but claimed that Australians are at a lower risk, and Australia has no plans to discontinue use of this dangerous chemical.
This is in spite of many children suffering from reduced IQ, and chalky bones and teeth due to fluoride over-exposure.
Part of the problem is that some children swallow their toothpaste instead of spitting it out. How many parents ensure that their kids don't swallow the poison every time they brush their teeth?
How to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride
Although not discussed in this article, the health effects of fluoride ingestion are numerous.
For a list of documented health effects, please see FAN's Health Effects Database.
The science is quite clear: Fluoride should NOT be ingested.
First of all, don't drink fluoridated water.
We can remove over 80 percent of the fluoride from our drinking water using a reverse osmosis (RO) filter.
It is difficult to remove all of it with any commercial filter.
Better yet, capture all rainwater, filter with whole-house filters, and destroy bacteria with an Ultra-Violet Steriliser.
Use this water for everything inside the house, especially the shower and kitchen.
A Reverse Osmosis unit easilty fits under a standard sink and provides water for drinking and cooking.
RO units are easily fitted and can be obtained on eBay for a few hundred dollars.
Far less obvious sources of fluoride, which I highly recommend avoiding, include:
  • Non-organic foods (to avoid pesticide residue)
  • Food and beverages processed with fluoridated water, including some organic foods and beverages
  • Mechanically de-boned meat
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, especially SSRI antidepressants and fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro
  • Soy baby formulas
  • Instant tea
  • Processed breakfast cereals
  • Soda and fruit juices
  • We are even exposed to fluoride through air pollution!

Trans-Fat Foods

Foods containing large amounts of Trans Fats have been shown to increase the deposition rates of fluoride into bones at a toxic rate.
Trans fats are synthetic, toxic fats made by hydrogenation - passing hydrogen through heated oils or heating conventional oils.
Canola oil, margarine and many other artificial fats contain trans fats and are very bad for the body.
They are made by industry to extend shelf life and are incorrectly passed off as "healthy".
Even olive oil, very healthy when cold as a salad dressing, can turn into trans fats when heated.
The ONLY oil LeanMachine recommends for cooking is coconut oil, which remains stable at very high temperatures.

Fluoride in Babies

Infants who are bottle-fed receive two hundred times more fluoride in their susceptible bodies compared to breast-fed infants.

Inadequate Nutrition Increases Fluoride's Health Risks

The dose of fluoride associated with hypothyroidism and reduced IQ is also substantially lower if we are deficient in both nutrition and iodine, much more than iodine deficiency alone.
Deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and selenium have much more devastating effects on the body when we are exposed to even tiny amounts of fluoride.
Our thyroid glands, as part of the endocrine system, need protein and cholesterol, the building-blocks we need to make thyroid hormones.
Some low-protein or low-fat fad diets, or strict vegan diets, which also deplete protein, healthy fats and cholesterol.
Without fat, we cannot absorb nutrition from our food. A low-fat salad dressing on a low-fat salad means we cannot benefit from much of the nutrition in the salad.
Walnuts, almonds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado or similar omega-3 healthy fats are essential for any meal.
Not much is required - 2 teaspoons of oil is enough to increase nutritional absorption of a low-fat meal by over 30%.
Of course, fats and oils are calorie-dense, so more of a good thing is not always better unless we are running marathons.

Fluoride and Alzheimer's Disease

Research proves that fluoride in drinking water increases the bioavailability of aluminium, and more aluminium crosses the blood-brain barrier to be deposited in the brain.
Alzheimer's patients have very high levels of aluminium in the brain, and aluminium has a high level of toxicity.
Even trace amounts of aluminium have no place in the human body, and we ingest more aluminium as more aluminium-laden toxic chemicals find their way into the environment.
Aluminium and mercury are routinely added to vaccinations given to millions of unsuspecting people in the name of "disease prevention"!
LeanMachine does not claim that fluoride and aluminium causes Alzheimer's, but the connection is proven.
Obviously we should all take steps to limit exposure to both aluminium and fluoride.
I watched my father die a terrible death as his brain was destroyed by Alzheimer's, a disease that is increasing all the time.
Why is Alzheimer's increasing? As it takes decades for symptoms to show and often many more years to eventually kill the patient, it can be difficult to pin-point any particular cause.
People now dying from Alzheimer's may well be suffering because of decades of fluoridated water and aluminium consumption.
My parents cooked for decades in aluminium cookware, and as a child and until I left home in my twenties, I undoubtedly absorbed fluoride and aluminium.
In fact, an analysis of my hair at age 63 showed high levels of aluminium and lead, for reasons unknown.
I have no idea if these metals have been in my body for many decades, but I have taken steps to detoxify the body through a healthy diet, free from processed foods and free from fluoride.
Time will tell if the damage has already been done.
No government has any right to force a toxic substance into our drinking water when there are no proven benefits but definite proven toxicity.

Fluoride in Racial Groups

Groups who are lactose intolerant, or who choose not to consume dairy products, are more heavily exposed to fluoride in water and other beverages.
Asians and native americans are over 80% lactose intolerant, african americans over 75%, southern indians over 70%, and caucasians are typically only 20% lactose intolerant, probably because traditionally the diet has included milk on a regular basis.
Kidney dysfunction and diabetes run at two to four times the rate among minority groups compared to caucasians, possibly because minority groups may be less likely to have access to bottled water or reverse osmosis systems.
These minority groups also have the worst teeth, but drink the most fluoridated tap water!

Does Fluoride Reduce Tooth Decay?

There are now more than ten studies proving that as fluoride intake increases, tooth decay increases!
Old studies showing tooth decay dropped with fluoridated water were seriously flawed.
The main reason tooth decay dropped in those old studies was better brushing and dental hygiene, more access to dentists, higher awareness of decay issues, etc.
There is no doubt that too much fluoride damages teeth and bones by causing fluoridosis, where teeth and bones go soft and chalky.
However, if everyone were to follow a sugar-free and more alkaline diet with less processed foods, almost 100% reduction in cavities could be achieved without any fluoridation at all.
It is also true that many children drink no water from the tap.
They drink bottled spring water, milk, soft drinks, sports drinks, rain water, reverse osmosis water, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, orange juice, apple juice,etc, which skew the results from studies.
I thought for many years that I was doing the right thing by drinking Diet Coke.
No sugar means no cavities, right?
Wrong. The food acid (phosphoric acid or citric acid in most fizzy drinks) eats away at the hard enamel coating on our teeth, allowing decay to set in, also accelerating tooth wear.
Worse, the body must maintain blood pH to between 7.35 and 7.45 (slightly alkaline).
If blood pH drops below 6.9 (a teeny bit acidic) we are very sick, and at below 6.8 (a teeny bit more acidic) or above 7.8 (a weeny bit more alkaline) we are dead.
The body, being a marvellous piece of chemical engineering, neutralises the acid by combining carbon dioxide from the air or fizzy drink with calcium from our bones and teeth to make calcium carbonate, an alkaline substance to reduce the acidity.
Our parathyroid glands control blood pH by using the bones as a "calcium bank" making deposits or withdrawals as required to control pH.
The parathyroids are not related to the thyroid, but get the name because our 4 parathyroid glands sit on the 4 corners of the thyroid.
Read more in my Alkaline Diet article and hyperthyroidism article.
After decades of Diet Coke, I am left with lower teeth almost worn down to the gums, and most of the top teeth have crowns or implants.
That expense has made a significant contribution to my dentist’s retirement fund, and wiped out mine!
Since my diet and lifestyle changed, my dental checkups have been so much more pleasant with zero cavities, every time.
Also worth noting is some interesting statistics – that dentists working in fluoridated water areas have much higher incomes than those working in clean water areas.
In the USA, dental fluorosis (chalky, soft teeth from too much fluoride) has risen to 30% and over for teenagers in fluoridated areas.

Does Fluoride only come from Water?

We get it anyway in the food we eat, often irrigated with fluoridated water, or sometimes grown in ground where natural fluoride in the soil contaminates the food, although natural fluoride is probably less harmful than the toxic industrial waste chemicals added to our water supply.
In fact, natural fluoride we get from organic food irrigated with fluoride-free water MAY be beneficial for the body, but buying organic food does not guarantee that food is free from the toxic form of fluoride deliberately placed into water supplies by Governments.

How to get rid of Fluoride?

Boiling water will not reduce fluoride, instead it actually concentrate fluoride levels.
Rain water is usually best, depending on the type of roof, gutters, plumbing and tanks.
We should not drink water from roofs that have lead flashing or soldered gutters, typically found on older houses, but there is no guarantee that a modern house roof is free from contamination.
Modern roofs normally have silicone sealant on gutter joints and colorbond roofs, flashings and gutters, which have problems too, but are still better than lead, aluminium and some paints.
Regardless of where our water comes from, an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system should be installed at the kitchen sink for all drinking and cooking water.
Four-stage RO systems are available on eBay for under $300 (or from LeanMachine), and the average handyman can install these, even though they may appear complicated.
I do not recommend a 5-stage unit, as these have an extra cartridge, which puts trace elements back into the water.
I like to be in control, so I prefer pure water, and receive my trace elements from natural foods and/or supplements of my choice.
Reverse Osmosis systems can effectively remove 90% to 99% of fluoride, chlorine, sediment, salts, cysts, bacteria and heavy metals from tap water or rain water.
Even though rain water may not have fluoride or chlorine, it can have bacterial content and parasites from bird droppings, decaying leaves and other debris in gutters.
Under-sink RO systems can be used safely for all cooking and drinking.
For several years, I drew water straight from the River Murray for my household supply, through a 1-micron filter, a carbon filter, and a UV Sterilisation system.
This provided clean, safe water for the household, but again, a Reverse Osmosis system under the kitchen sink was essential for all drinking and cooking.
After several years of use, our electric kettle was still sparkling clean on the inside, with none of the calcium and other scale deposits which always accumulate with town water.
I now have a similar system at my current house, and with over 120,000 litres or rainwater storage, no longer require mains water at all, with significant savings and much better health.

Water Distillers

Distillers produce almost perfectly clean water for drinking and cooking.
Initial cost is less than Reverse Osmosis systems, but there is a wait time of 30 to 60 minutes for a few glasses of water, and cost more to run in the long term as energy is required to boil the water.
For tenants renting homes where it is undesirable to install extra plumbing, distillers are easily portable to a new address.

Radioactive Water

In Texas, USA, some tap water is treated with ion osmosis, causing high radium levels.
In many areas, radium levels were 700 times the maximum safe level, exposing people to risks of cancer and other health problems.
Even worse, after twenty years of radioactive water contamination, the pipelines, tanks, residential pipes and hot water heaters have all become contaminated, causing continuing health problems long after the ion osmosis system has been cleaned up.
Normal reverse osmosis systems are quite safe, with zero radioactive elements.


Bread, cookies, cakes, or anything made from dough are taboo, and not just because it makes us fat and destroys our digestive system.
Commercial bakeries started using bromine as a dough conditioner in the 1980s, and bromine damages the thyroid, even worse than fluoride and chlorine.
Bromine must be eliminated from the diet to restore health to the thyroid.
Our thyroid hormone does not work without iodine, but because bromine is chemically very similar to iodine, it locks into the iodine receptors on the thyroid, preventing iodine from getting in.
Our thyroid hormone no longer includes the necessary iodine, just bromine, which makes it completely ineffective.
Even worse, blood tests cannot distinguish between effective iodine and non-functional bromine, fluoride or chlorine.
Having thyroid hormone that cannot do anything is no better than having no thyroid hormone at all, but the test can say we are good to go, even if we are nearing a comatose state.
Doctors no longer consider symptoms after the blood test has spoken, leaving the patient with no options and nowhere to go for help.


Iodine was plentiful in our diets a hundred years ago, coming from the ground where our food was grown, and coming from all seafood.
We require very little for a healthy thyroid, around 200 micrograms per day, equating to about a teaspoon over our entire lifetime (but do not try to take this in one hit!)
Our modern diet has virtually no iodine unless we eat seafood regularly, as food production farms are drained of the nutrients which were in the ground originally.
Fertilisers used today simply replace nitrogen and phosphates, but not iodine and the host of minerals and micro-nutrients we need.
Iodine is available as a supplement from most health stores, often as potassium iodide.
Another reason to supplement with iodine is to stop radioactive isotopes of iodine from being absorbed. A greater problem in the Pacific Ocean in the Northern hemisphere after the Fukushima disaster, but it will find it's way here. There are two isotopes released from Fukushima: Iodine 131 and Iodine 129. Iodine 131 has a half-life of eight days, meaning that in eight days half of the Iodine 131 will have broken down into other substances.
Iodine 129 has a half-life of 15.7 million years!
Fukushima released over 30 times the amount of Iodine 129 compared to Iodine 131, and Iodine 121 will be around for 640,000 generations (if humans live this long on Earth).
If we are low on regular Iodine and we take in Iodine 129 from food, water, air, dust, etc, then our thyroid will quickly absorb Iodine 129, which is a known cause of thyroid cancer.
If our thyroid is full of regular iodine, the it will not take in Iodine 129, which will simply be excreted through our urine. Unfortunately for others, it will stay in the environment for millions of years.

STOP Fluoridating our water!

In South Australia, dopey Governments have ignored science and have been fluoridating our water supplies for half a century. I think they have all been drinking too much of it, because their IQ has to be very low.
Protest groups are still opposed to fluoridation, but where is the free choice?
If people want fluoride to "protect" teeth (at the risk of bones and brain) then surely all they have to do is to buy fluoridated toothpaste, and ensure that it is not swallowed.
I suggest writing to your local Member of Parliament and protest until we get some common sense.
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