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Are vitamins helpful?
According to a report on Adelaide Channel 9, vitamins do nothing, are a waste of money, and some herbal supplements cause liver damage. As usual, Channel 9 neglected to get the real story, did not read the thousands of studies proving the benefits of vitamins, or allow the alternative health industry to respond. Just one example: Vitamin D3 at a healthy dose of 5000 IU (5 times the normal dose) can reduce risk of cancer between 50% and 90% and high-dose vitamin C can also help significantly. If a drug company developed a drug to perform as well, they would charge a fortune and want a Nobel Prize for inventing it!
LeanMachine has not had a cold or flu or even a headache since adopting a Paleo-style diet and a host of vitamin and mineral supplements in the year 2010 at age 63. Now at age 72, LeanMachine is healthier, stronger with more energy than at any time in his life, all allergies gone and never gets sick!
Back to Channel 9 and liver damage - they neglected to mention that most people on the liver transplant waiting list are there because of Paracetamol overdose, and many cancer patients suffer because of Paracetamol, causing destruction of natural L-Glutathione (the "Master Antioxidant"), our main in-built defense mechanism against cancer and most other diseases. Obviously another fake story by Big Pharma to retain their profits and keep people sick, and shame on Channel 9 to be a part of this!
Almost every one of our 60 to 100 trillion body cells has Vitamin D3 receptors, and D3 is essential for mineral absorption, bone building, immunity and disease prevention.
One year supply at 5x normal strength, under 5 cents a day! Vitamin D3 article.

How to read Food Bar Codes

Aussie Barcode

If the first 2 digits on the barcode is 93 then this manufacturer registered the bar code with the official GS1 Australian organisation. There are various emails going around the internet claiming that the first 2 or 3 digits determine the country of origin of the product, but it does not. These numbers simply mean that the manufacturer registered the product bar code in one of the official country GS1 organisations.
To complicate matters again, the USA generally uses a different barcode system: UPC-A which does not reference any country in any way, and many European countries use yet another system, the European Article Number (EAN-13) where the country code IS embedded in the bar code.

Where our Food comes from

A Current Affair recently reported on frozen vegetables imported into Australia from New Zealand.
If the product is a "home brand" from Coles or Woolworths, it may well have originated from China.
Other "name brand" products such as McCain’s, Birdseye and others from New Zealand can now be sourcing vegetables from China, then selling them as their own product. Unfortunately, New Zealand laws do not prevent this from happening.
If the the pack is labelled "Produced from New Zealand and Imported product" it almost invariably contains Chinese, Vietnamese, Hong Kong or Thailand products where there are no regulations or inspections.
Even if it claims "Product of New Zealand" there may still be some doubt about the origin.
Highliner brand fish come from China, raised in pens and treated with banned cancer-causing chemicals, but come in a box labelled "Product of Canada".

Product of Australia

If the label claims "Product of Australia" or "Grown and packed in Australia" then it generally should be totally home-grown where strict food laws apply.
If the label states "Made from Local and Imported ingredients" then in almost every case, there is zero Australian content apart from perhaps packaging.

What is wrong with Chinese produce?

Foods grown or processed in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong or Thailand have zero food inspection regulations!
These countries often use dangerous chemicals which are banned in Australia, USA, UK and Europe.
Chinese food producers no longer label anything "Made in China" because they know that Chinese food products are likely to be contaminated and are not trusted.

List of Common Bar Code Prefixes

For a more complete list, see www.gs1au.org/

USA and Canada00 to 13
France30 to 37
Germany40 to 44
Switzerland and Liechtenstein76
Saudi Arabia628
United Arab Emirates629
Central America740 to 745
PhilippinesAll 480 codes
China690 to 699

A Simple way to avoid problems

Simply avoid all packaged food.
Buy fresh food from the fruit and vegetable department, preferably in the organic section, or better still, buy from your local Farmer's Market where you can talk to the people who grow the food, and seek assurances about use of chemicals, etc.

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LeanMachine is not a doctor, and everyone should consult with their own health professional before taking any product to ensure there is no conflict with existing prescription medication.
LeanMachine has been studying nutrition and health since 2011 and has completed many relevant studies including:
Open2Study, Australia - Food, Nutrition and Your Health
RMIT University, Australia - Foundations of Psychology
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia - Chemistry - Building Blocks of the World
University of Washington, USA - Energy, Diet and Weight
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WebMD Education - High Potassium: Causes and Reasons to Treat
Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands - Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - A Clinical Approach to the Human Brain
LeanMachine has now examined thousands of studies, journals and reports related to health and nutrition and this research is ongoing.

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