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Are vitamins helpful?
According to a report on Adelaide Channel 9, vitamins do nothing, are a waste of money, and some herbal supplements cause liver damage. As usual, Channel 9 neglected to get the real story, did not read the thousands of studies proving the benefits of vitamins, or allow the alternative health industry to respond. Just one example: Vitamin D3 at a healthy dose of 5000 IU (5 times the normal dose) can reduce risk of cancer between 50% and 90% and high-dose vitamin C can also help significantly. If a drug company developed a drug to perform as well, they would charge a fortune and want a Nobel Prize for inventing it!
LeanMachine has not had a cold or flu or even a headache since adopting a Paleo-style diet and a host of vitamin and mineral supplements in the year 2010 at age 63. Now at age 72, LeanMachine is healthier, stronger with more energy than at any time in his life, all allergies gone and never gets sick!
Back to Channel 9 and liver damage - they neglected to mention that most people on the liver transplant waiting list are there because of Paracetamol overdose, and many cancer patients suffer because of Paracetamol, causing destruction of natural L-Glutathione (the "Master Antioxidant"), our main in-built defense mechanism against cancer and most other diseases. Obviously another fake story by Big Pharma to retain their profits and keep people sick, and shame on Channel 9 to be a part of this!
Almost every one of our 60 to 100 trillion body cells has Vitamin D3 receptors, and D3 is essential for mineral absorption, bone building, immunity and disease prevention.
One year supply at 5x normal strength, under 5 cents a day! Vitamin D3 article.


A potato is a root, or a tuber to be more precise, but still qualifies as a vegetable.
We buy potatoes in the vegetable section of the supermarket, and surely vegetables are good for us?
Most people think of potatoes as health foods, but potatoes are NOT good for us.
Yes, they have vitamins B, C and minerals, but a baked potato is as close to a pure, refined starch (sugar) as we can get without physically refining it.
As soon as it meets enzymes in the mouth, the starches begin to break down into sugar, and this simple carbohydrate then incurs us a big hit of insulin as the liver attempts to defeat the sudden rise in blood glucose levels.
If we eat a bowl of sugar instead of potato, we will get the same insulin-spiking effect!

What is wrong with insulin?

Anything that spikes our insulin will increase abdominal fat, promote weight gain, and promote risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cancer and a multitude of modern diseases.
Insulin is often called "the fat-storing hormone!"
A Harvard study examined data from over 120,000 healthy adults who were not obese at the beginning of the study, then followed them up at periods from 12 to 20 years. The top three foods that caused yearly weight gain significantly above the national average were:
1: Potato chips
2: Potatoes (any type of serving)
3: Sugar-sweetened beverages (Coca-Cola, for example).
So for all of us struggling to lose weight, a serving of potatoes is worse for us than a can of Coke!

We are still being lied to?

The American Heart Association considers potatoes "heart healthy."
The United Nations declared 2008 the Year of the Potato.
The American Diabetes Association website has a recipe for mashed potatoes, calling for two cups of peeled spuds. Peeled Spuds? Why throw away the skin, where most of the nutrients are? Without the skin, we may as well shovel sugar into our mouth. We would be better throwing the potatoes out and just eating the skin, but my suggestion is to forget the spuds altogether. If we eat potatoes, we are heading straight towards pancreas failure and type 2 diabetes. For those who cannot live without potatoes, at least use sweet potatoes, as these have more nutrients, and the carbohydrates are locked up in more fibre, so are significantly slower to digest, reducing the sudden insulin spike. Other alternatives, less desirable but not as bad as regular potatoes, are the dark purple potatoes, or the very small potatoes, often called "new potatoes". These are not quite as bad as long as we keep the quantity small, but if we are trying to shed fat, skip spuds altogether. As far as cooking methods go, steaming is best, for only as long as it takes to avoid being too crunchy. Baking raises the temperature too much, as anything over 120 degrees Celsius causes AGE (Advanced Glycation End products), an appropriate acronym for ageing the body faster.
For anyone suffering from cancer, definitely steer clear of all carbohydrates, because carbohydrates feed cancer.

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LeanMachine is not a doctor, and everyone should consult with their own health professional before taking any product to ensure there is no conflict with existing prescription medication.
LeanMachine has been studying nutrition and health since 2011 and has completed many relevant studies including:
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LeanMachine has now examined thousands of studies, journals and reports related to health and nutrition and this research is ongoing.

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