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LeanMachine is a non-profit organisation devoted to helping everyone rebuild youthful health.
We sell some supplements that have helped us along the way.

At age 63, LeanMachine was obese, always tired, sick, allergic to almost everything, and almost completely grey hair, but now at age 71 is lean, strong, full of energy, never gets sick, no colds, no flu, not even a headache in the last 8 years, now allergic to almost nothing, and most of the hair now restored to the original colour.

Mrs LeanMachine was a diabetic, with uncontrolled blood glucose and on several prescription medications for blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, now free of medication, free from diabetes and normal blood pressure at age 73.

Amazing benefits from a natural, real food diet, free from sugar, processed foods, fluoride, chemicals, herbicides, insecticides and other toxins.
We now sell a range of supplements that have helped us along the way, most at the best price in Australia, most manufactured in the USA.

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