Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use
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We continually monitor our site for any attempts to hack or otherwise damage our secure site, and immediately and permanently block all IP addresses from those users, and all IP addresses from various countries known to have a high rate of hacking.
If you believe you have been unfairly blocked, email us to explain why we should consider unblocking you.
Of course, if you have been blocked, you will not be reading this, which is too bad, sorry.
LeanMachine would rather spend time helping people with genuine health needs, questions or problems than to worry about those who only waste our time. Nothing for hackers here anyway as we never store or even have access to any customer's credit card or other financial information, as all payments are processed at the PayPal secure server, and our server is also secure to prevent interception of transactions between servers.
Our apologies if our strict security upsets anyone.

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