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Item Name Date Expected
Nettle Root Extract 250mg 90 vcaps: testosterone,prostate,anemia 08/31/2017
Tri-Chromium 500mcg 180 veg capsules-weight loss, diabetes 08/31/2017
Odorless Garlic Extract 50mg 250 softgels: BloodPress,immunity 08/25/2017
Swedish Flower Pollen Extract 90 tablets:Prostate support 08/25/2017
GABA 750mg 100 vcaps:calming, nerves, natural L-form 08/25/2017
Pumpkin Seed Oil 1000mg 100 softgels - prostate, parasites 08/25/2017
Niacin TR (B3) 500mg 100 tablets: cholesterol, blood pressure 08/25/2017
Biotin 5000 mcg 110 caps hair,nails,skin,diabetes,blood pressure 08/23/2017
Stinging Nettle Leaf organic 453g: Prostate, allergies, joints 08/22/2017
Iron, chelated 100 tablets:Haemoglobin, anemia, cough, pregnancy 08/22/2017

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