Turmeric, ground 454g: Cancer, diabetes, inflammation, joints

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Cancer, Diabetes, Inflammation, Joints
  • Minimum 5% Curcumin
  • Curcuma Longa
  • May help prevent or treat cancers
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • May help painful joints
  • May help improve mood
  • Non-Irradiated
  • Kosher
  • Made by Frontier Natural Products
  • Contains nothing other than Turmeric root
This is the orange-coloured ground root of the Curcuma Longa L plant.
The warm aroma, bright color, and gingery/peppery taste are relied upon in cooking throughout Asia.
Best known as the spice that gives curry powder its distinctive colour.
The active ingredient is Curcumin which has outstanding healing properties.
Probably the most studied natural herb, with over 5,600 studies on Turmeric and Curcumin.
Has been used extensively throughout Asia for anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-diabetes properties, and said to also relieve stomach problems, diarreah, wind, bloating, colic, heartburn, flatulence, liver ailments, painful joints, and helps strengthen immunity.
It is also said to tear down amyloid plaques which are prevalent in Alzheimers disease.
Turmeric is native to Southeast Asia, but is cultivated extensively in India and Indonesia.
Our Turmeric is from Alleppey, a region and city in extreme southwestern India, producing the better of two grades of turmeric. "Fingers" are appendages separated from the main rhizome and broken into 5 to 7 cm lengths, and have a higher curcumin content (evident by the deeper colour), more flavour (because of their volatile oil content), and are the best quality turmeric for grinding. The cheaper "splits and bulbs" grade are pieces derived from the main root. They are less expensive, but tend to be lower in overall quality (flavour, volatile oil, colour, curcumin content), more fibrous and difficult to grind.
May help to maintain healthy mood and disposition in patients with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and studies have found it safe to add to conventional treatments.

Suggested Use
Stir into smoothies or add to any other foods to increase appearance and nutrition levels.
The golden hue of turmeric brightens curries, condiments, and egg, fish, and other dishes.
The taste is warmly aromatic, something like ginger and pepper.
In India, turmeric is often used to color sweet dishes, while in Morocco is used to spice meat, (especially lamb) and vegetables.
Used with fish, in baked goods, meat and meat products, prepared mustards and pickles, broths, cheeses, dressings, grains, egg recipes, and soups.
Try it with artichokes and potatoes and in rice dishes, and combine it with coriander and cinnamon for a spicy meat or poultry rub.
To increase absorption of Curcumin, Simmer 2 tablespoons in 4 cups of water for 10 minutes, allow to cool, and drink the mixture over the next 4 hours.
For even better results, add ginger and freshly ground black pepper to improve absorption up to 20 times.

Use carefully in the kitchen as spills will stain clothing and surfaces.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.

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