Sage 40g organic herb: Cooking, Alzheimers, brain, gas, diarrhea

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  • May help relieve symptoms of Alzheimer's
  • May help reduce depression
  • May relieve gas, bloating, diarrhea
  • May reduce overproduction of saliva and/or perspiration
  • May reduce excess milk flow when nursing
  • May help reduce painful periods
  • May help reduce hot flashes at menopause
  • USDA Organic
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Kosher
Used for centuries as both a seasoning and as a healing herb, sage has a highly penetrating, piney, woodsy fragrance and warm, piney, earthy flavor. A traditional accompaniment for robust meats, breads, rolls and stuffing, sage also makes a warming winter tea.
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Suggested Use
Today, sage often flavours sausage, poultry and other meats.
Use sage with a light touch, because it can easily overpower a dish. On the other hand, it stands up well to long-cooking without any loss of flavor. Because it's strong, pair it with other strong flavours like garlic, thyme and pepper.
Try sage in salad dressings, chowder, fish and cheese dishes. Add it to breads and muffins, beans, poultry and squash dishes, tomato sauces, hearty bean soups, gravies and, of course, traditional stuffing. Sage makes an excellent butter or olive oil for pasta, rolls and breads as well.

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