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This blood pressure monitor is similar to many brands sold in chemist stores for over $100. LeanMachine has been using one for years with no problem.
Comes with 4 x AA Alkaline batteries which seem to last many months when taking multiple daily readings.
Appearance may be different from the one pictured, as technology changes all the time. Some have a talking feature, great for those visually impaired, and no more expensive.

Blood pressure varies considerably according to the time of day, how much food or drink has been consumed, if pain, inflammation or stress is present, and nutrition and many other factors.
Many people are prescribed dangerous blood pressure medication if pressure measures high in the doctor's office, so this device can help ensure that blood pressure is in a reasonable range, and alert people when there is a real problem, as high blood pressure is a real "silent killer" if left untreated.
However, there are lifestyle changes which should always be carried out before resorting to medication.
Our units come with an arm cuff large enough to fit fairly large arms, unlike most cheaper units available.

Suggested Use
Measure blood pressure: Systolic (top number), Diastolic (bottom number) and pulse at the same time every day, seated in the same position, with the arm at the same height as the heart.
The unit has a memory function where a number of previous measurements can be recalled, but we recommend that the patient manually records details on a notepad which can be taken to the doctor on the next visit.

Wrap the cuff around the upper arm with the sensor as close as possible to the main blood vessel in the centre of the elbow, normally seen when the arm is outstretched with the palm facing up.
Do not over-tighten the cuff as the instrument will inflate the cuff to the correct pressure.
Elevate a supported arm so it is horizontal and level with the heart.
Press the start button.
The unit will automatically inflate the cuff, set the appropriate range, and slowly reduce the pressure until the results are displayed on the screen and the cuff will then fully deflate.
Several readings are best. Take measurements 5 times, 2 minutes apart. Discard the highest and lowest, and average the middle three for the most accurate result. The instrument is very accurate, but our bodies vary a lot. This is the method doctors are supposed to be taught at medical school, but they seldom measure more than once, contributing to the "white coat syndrome" as the first reading is very often the highest, resulting in the issue of many dangerous prescriptions, which only patch the symptoms, without treating the original cause of high blood pressure.

Because of constraints imposed on all by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration), LeanMachine does not claim that any supplement will diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease, sickness, condition or ailment.
Any advice or information given here is of a general nature and everyone should discuss their individual nutritional needs with their health professional.
LeanMachine cannot take responsibility for any undesirable outcome from using any product, as we have no control over individual health, use, mis-use, sensitivity, suitability or interactions with prescription medication.

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