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Venom Whey Protein Concentrate 1kg Vanilla: Fat loss, muscles


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Whey Protein Concentrate from Grass-Fed cattle in New Zealand

Milk constituents, particularly whey proteins have been recognised as functional foods, suggesting consumption of these constituents has direct and measurable health benefits. Health benefits include antimicrobial activity, immune modulation, improved muscle strength and body composition. Due to the advance in processing technology today, whey proteins can range from 80-95 percent protein, varying in the amount of carbohydrates, immunoglobulins, lactose, minerals and fats in the finished product. For this reason, the different variables in whey proteins are important factors in the selection of whey fractions for specific nutritional applications.

Manufacturing of Venom Whey Protein Concentrate
The process to obtain WPC starts with the removal of water from pasteurised skim milk. As explained earlier, there are two major proteins in milk: casein and whey. Casein, which is the major protein, accounts for approximately 80% of the protein and whey accounts for about 20%. The following is a summary of typical method to manufacture WPC powder. Firstly, milk is pasteurised for a short period of time and held over night. The mixture then begins the cheese making process, which produces curds and liquid whey. The liquid whey is then drained through a stainless steel screen and the remaining curd is cut. The Whey liquid is then filtered. The liquid is filtered to one-fifth its original volume, resulting in whey concentrate that is approximately 80% protein. The final WPC is then spray-dried to achieve whey protein powder. Venom WPC is processed via proprietary ultra-filtration techniques, generating un-denatured and highest quality soluble whey proteins.

Health Benefits of Venom Whey Protein Concentrate
Grass fed cattle from Fonterra NZ - We only use NZ Fonterra for our WPC. This product is regarded as the best whey protein product anywhere on the planet. Free from bovine growth serum (legal in the USA).
No Fillers - We pride ourselves at Venom Protein for only selling 100% pure products. You can be guaranteed that our Venom WPC is pure WPC with a small amount of flavouring and sweetener.
Low temperature processing ensures retention of both nutritional and functional properties.
Naturally high in the three essential amino acids (leucine, iso-leucine and valine) compared to other protein sources, with leucine being recognised as the trigger for muscle protein synthesis.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate
Reduce Muscle Loss & enhance recovery - Many years of research have shown supplementing milk proteins particularly, Whey Proteins can reduce muscle loss due to the high content of L-Gluatamine. Furthermore, the high content of L-Glutamine can also restore energy efficiently after an intense workout, thus improving recovery.
Increase strength & muscle growth - Boire et al demonstrated that men engaged in resistance training programs while supplementing with whey proteins showed greater improvements in strength than men using resistance training alone. This is mainly due to the high Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) content in whey protein. It has been found that the quality of a particular protein for enhancing muscle mass and strength is related to its Leucine content.
Enhance protein synthesis - Whey proteins can contain up to 26% BCAA, which are efficient substances for synthesizing new proteins where BCAA Leucine acts as a signalling molecule for initiation of protein synthesis.
Increase bioavailability of essential amino acids - Research found that the amino acid profile in individuals’ dietary proteins influences their nitrogen utilization. This means poor quality dietary protein intake have been shown to increase nitrogen losses and limit protein synthesis, therefore ingestion of whey proteins containing high essential amino acids can reduce nitrogen losses.

Suggested Use
One heaped scoop in a glass of water, taken twice daily.
Do not overdose, as there is a limit on how much the body can absorb.
Do not repeat dose at intervals less than 4 hours, preferably 8 hours.

Whey Protein - Concentrate or Isolate?
Confused about the difference between Concentrate and Isolate? WPI has smaller particles, so is absorbed into the blood stream faster. It has has higher protein content and a lower fat content. However, any imperfections in the gut lining allow undigested protein to enter the blood directly, which can have unhealthy side effects.
LeanMachine stocks the Concentrate version, and is less expensive and a safer option. If you want the Isolate version, or any other flavours other than the most popular natural, vanilla or chocolate versions, let us know.

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Product of New Zealand

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