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Closing Down Stocktake Sale!

Sorry, there are no clearout items left.
After so many years helping so many people, LeanMachine has closed this business as of 30th June 2018.
There is so little time, so many projects and so many increasing costs that it is impossible to continue.
We are not re-stocking sold items.
Products are now displayed online and represent the best value, best performing, and most useful, but there will be no online ordering available.
Links are provided on most products to the most appropriate suppliers, and product details will be edited from time to time.

All information has been assembled through extensive research, personal experience, customer feedback, supplier information and logical reasoning and is presented in the best manner possible for the benefit of the reader, but all health decisions should be discussed with your own professional health advisor for individual advice rather than relying on any general information presented here.
This information is not designed to replace professional advice, but to allow the reader to be able to ask the right questions and discuss all alternatives with their doctor.
LeanMachine, because of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) rulings, makes no claim that any food or supplement will treat or cure any sickness, disease, condition or ailment.
TGA rulings are designed to protect consumers, but in reality are preventing people from making informed health decisions by restricting freedom of information!

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