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Closing Down Stocktake Sale!

After so many years helping so many people, LeanMachine has closed this business, 30th June 2018.
There is so little time, so many projects and so many increasing costs that it is impossible to continue.
We are not re-stocking sold items except for some special customer requests.
Products will be displayed online after 30th June but there will be no online ordering available. I will still be offering free advice to all previous customers, and may be able to supply items to my cancer patients and others with a serious condition if they email me at sales@leanmachine.com.au

Activated Charcoal 280mg 100 capsules Gas, bloating, cleansing, was $15 now $6, exp 11/2022
African Mango 10:1 extract 150mg 60 vcaps Weight loss, Leptin, was $19 now $8, exp 08/2019
Ashwagandha 453g organic powder stress, diabetics, immunity, was $35 now $16, exp 01/2019
Astaxanthin 4mg 60 veg-softgels Antioxidant, was $21 now $9, exp 05/2020
Astragalus Root 454g Immunity, allergies, libido, energy, was $28 now $12, exp 01/2020
Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan 100mg 90 vcaps Cancer, Immunity, Heart, was $21 now $9, exp 03/19
Borage Oil 1000mg GLA 240mg 60 softgels PMS, BP, Fat Loss, was $19 now $8 exp 8/2020
L-Carnitine 250mg 120 capsules Energy, muscles, was $22 now $10, exp 02/2020
CLA 1250mg 180 softgels Fat loss, cancer, was $39 now $17, exp 03/2020
Cloves ground organic 80g Antioxidant, was $11 now $5, exp 11/2020
Conditioner-Biotin,Bamboo-Strengthening, 532ml was $13 now $5, No expiry
Cumin Seed 453g diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, was $17 now $7, exp 04/2019
Elderberry 575mg 100 vcaps Immunity, Asthma, Diabetes, Lymph, was $16 now $7, exp 10/2020
English Ivy Extract 68mg 90 tablets Lungs, breathing, was $16 now $7, exp 02/21
Fenugreek seeds, whole, 454g Testosterone, cancer, was $16 now $7, exp 02/2022
Forskolin 130mg 60 capsules Fat loss, allergies, BP, cancer, skin, was $37 now $16 exp 06/2020
Frankincense Essential Oil 20% blend 30ml Cancer, skin, stress, was $19 now $8, exp 06/2020
Gotu Kola Herb 475mg 180 Capsules Arrythmia, energy, was $18 now $7, exp 10/2021
Green Coffee Diet Support 90 vcaps fat loss, was $26 now $11, exp 01/2019
Holy Basil, Lotus, Bacopa 60 vcaps Circulation, Glucose, pain, was $21 now $9, exp 11/2020
Lecithin 454grams Brain, gallstones, was $22 now $10, exp 05/2020
L-Lysine 454g Collagen, Skin, Cancer, was $23 now $10, exp 10/2020
Lycopene 15mg 60 softgelsCancer, prostate, was $21 now $9, exp 10/2019
Marshmallow Root 480mg 100 capsules Mucous, sore throat, sinus, was $14 now $6, exp 08/2022
Melissa 500mg 100 vcaps Diabetes, BP, cancer, skin, inflammation, was $14 now $6, exp 06/2022
Neem Leaves 475mg 100 caps Cancer, ulcers, diabetes, skin, was $10 now $4, exp 04/2021
Pantothenic Acid (B5) 500mg 250 caps Diabetes, triglycerides, was $26 now $12, exp 07/2020
Pau d'Arco Inner Bark 545 mg 180 vcaps Parasites, cancer, yeast, was $17 now $7, exp 05/2021
Real Krill with DHA 60 softgets Omega-3, heart, brain, was $33 now $15, exp 07/2020
Theanine Serene with Relora 60 tablets Calming, nerves, muscles, was $20 now $9, exp 07/2019
Vitamin B-2 100mg 100 capsules Nerves, pain, energy, blood, skin, was $11 now $5, exp 06/2021
Vitamin B-6 100mg 200 capsules Cardiovascular, nervous system, was $18 now $8, exp 03/2022
Wheatgrass organic 453g Vitamins, amino acids, protein, blood, was $32 now $14, exp 12/2020
White Willow Bark 400mg 100 capsules Pain relief, blood thinning, was $11 now $5, exp 09/2020
Zinc Carnosine and PepZin GI 120 vcaps Stomach and GI tract, was $33 now $15, exp 03/2019

To purchase any item on this list, please email sales@leanmachine.com.au

All stock previously on this list is now sold.
No GST is applicable as all of these items were imported before 1st July 2018.
Keep checking this list, as items may be added or deleted: www.leanmachine.net.au/clearout.php

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