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LeanMachine clears out items from time to time. Products may be near expiry date, or slow moving, or being discontinued. We are reducing many stock lines from over 300 to around 50 (Accountant's orders!)
When sold out, if items are re-stocked, prices will return to normal. Most slow-moving items will be discontinued when sold out.
All orders are plus $12 express post, flat cost regardless of quantity (free for orders over $200)

Free express post on all orders over $200!

Curry Powder 453 gram: Suits low FODMAP diet, was $18 now $8, use by January 2020
Pycnogenol Serum 28g for skin: was $16 now $5, use by May 2018
Skin Recovery Cream 85ml: was $22 now $5, use by October 2018
Testrol 60 tablets: Testosterone Booster, was $37 now $18, use by August 2018
All stock previously on this list is now sold, sorry. All discontinued or re-stocked at current price.
Only fast-moving items will be re-stocked as we are having to reduce the number of stock lines.
Keep checking this list, as we may add items from time to time.

LeanMachine Secure Online Shop. Australia's best value supplements

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