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In 2010 at age 63, LeanMachine was obese at over 100kg (about 220 pounds), sick almost all of the time, hair almost completely grey, allergic to nearly everything, had continuous back pain, and had no energy.

One year later at age 64, LeanMachine was 25kg lighter and lean at 74kg, never sick, hair restored to 90% colour, allergies disappeared, no more back pain, full of energy, and stronger than any time in his life.

Now in 2019 at age 72, LeanMachine has not been sick in 9 years. No colds, no flu, no nausea, no pain, not even a headache in 9 years.
Some health supplements have helped along the way – see some recommended supplements here:
Note: The shop is now closed and will no longer accept orders, but each product page has a link to the best supplier, and I try to keep product information up to date, however the TGA has forbidden me to make any statement such as “May help lower blood glucose” even though the product may have been used safely for three thousand years, and independent studies have proven the benefits. All such information has been removed from every product, sorry. This prevents the reader from making an informed decision, but that is the bureaucracy gone mad in Australia, obviously to protect the billions of dollars that the big drug companies make. I have asked the TGA for a report on the financial ties to the drug industry for all decision-makers in their organisation, but of course, no response. In the USA, the CDC (Centres for Disease Control) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have almost all people in chrge who have financial ties to the drug industry, and are actively trying to squash anyone, including LeanMachine, to promote healthy alternatives to prescription drugs, vaccinations and medical procedures that do more harm than good.

Various articles on my Facebook page have disappeared because Facebook, in their profound knowledge of medical things, have decided that anything to do with vaccinations or natural therapies is a scam. No mention of the hundreds of thousands of people every year that are killed by correctly prescribed and correctly taken prescription medication. LeanMachine still has a Facebook page, but there have been no posts for a long time, and never will be unles Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others start upholding the truth instead of pushingBig Pharma propaganda.

Free health articles at the main article page:
Most of these articles will be updated and transferred to this blog as time permits.

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