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Written by Brenton Wight, LeanMachine and Health Researcher
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Updated 12th October 2020

Fake News is most profound in the medical system, where the big drug companies will do anything to protect their profits, including forcing social media to squash any posts relating to using safe, natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medication.
A typical case is my attempt to post an article by the famous Mike Adams (the “Health Ranger”) on Facebook, but this was censored immediately by Facebook because it “did not meet Community Guidelines”. This happened in a split-second, so no human actually read the article in question. Facebook computers simply looked up “naturalnews.com” and saw it was on the banned list, presumably because it contained information that would hurt the profits of the big drug companies. Go to this article here:
You will never find articles like this on Facebook, and Google searches bury search results so far down the list that most people will never see them. Same goes for YouTube, Microsoft, Instagram, Amazon and others. I can understand censoring posts that are hateful, violent, etc but telling the truth about widespread corruption in the health industry?
Another article about how results of a study were reversed completely by Forbes:

Posts, pages, research, statistics, facts, images, charts, and graphs that were readily available through a quick web search a few years ago have vanished. Why has that happened?
Google, Facebook, Social Media, Amazon and others have been cracking down on “misinformation” about vaccinations.
Misinformation is classed as anything that contradicts Big Pharma’s claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations.
What is in it for Google and others to keep this information from us?
Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is a big player in pharmaceuticals, with the launch of “Google Life Sciences”, now re-named to “Verily Life Sciences” and now partnered with Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline, the company headed by the former head of Glaxo’s global vaccine business.
Mary Ellen Coe is Google’s President of Customer Solutions, and also sits on Merek’s board of directors, so we can see why Google has altered its search algorithms to exclude information about vaccine safety.
Google has been accused of manipulating search results both in the USA and Europe, and also owns YouTube, which has also demonetized and shut down YouTube channels that challenge the safety of vaccines.
In the last few years, Big Pharma tripled its spending on Facebook mobile ads, spending almost $1 Billion to Facebook in 2019 alone. Facebook has diminished the reach of those who post anything challenging Big Pharma’s vaccines.
Facebook has been caught out deliberately censoring some Trump articles, while promoting the Trump enemy articles. Why? Because Trump wants to clean up the dishonesty and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. Social media has the power to change election outcomes, and whether or not we support Trump or not, we have a right to know the truth and not be subjected to Fake News before making a decision.

What happened to Free Speech?
This censoring must stop. I rarely use Facebook these days, but I have to let people know that their decisions on how to improve health, how to vote, how to behave, whether or not to vaccinate, are influenced by a social media driven Communist-style Police State. Follow the money and you will find who is behind everything we see or read on TV, Newspapers, Magazines or Social Media.

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